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Setting up a first aid club at your school

Setting up a first aid club at your school couldn’t be easier. Here’s the information that will help get you started.

Why do you want to set up a first aid club?

First aid clubs are a great way for your students to gain practical, team work and leadership skills. They can also bring together staff who wouldn’t usually work together and improve relations between students and teachers.

Some clubs teach first aid through watching bite size videos at breakfast clubs, others aim to offer more practical learning in lunchtimes or afterschool. Some want to have a group of playground first aiders who help out at lunch and break times.

Establishing a purpose for your club will give you something to say to people when you ask them to get involved. For example:

  • • What do you want your club to achieve?
  • • What will be the key benefits of your club to the students, the staff and the school?
  • • How does the club fit with your school priorities?

These questions should help you develop an overarching aim for your club that you can tell other people about.

Activities for young people

Our youth programmes give young people the opportunity to learn first aid alongside other important life skills.St John cadets