What else do I need to know?

Here's some additional information you might need to know

Decide on your location

• Find a room with enough space for all the students to attend, and take part in practical activities.

• Having a ‘special’ venue such as a room usually reserved for older students will help to raise the status of the club.

• Take opportunities to move the club out of the classroom, lab or workshop – outside space is great for giving students opportunities to consider the different places first aid may be useful, especially if the club is for playground first aiders or for practicing for a competition.

Involve parents

Inviting parents in for a special event where the students show them what they are doing in their club is a great way to get the wider family involved.

Try holding a first aid evening where they get to take part in some of the activities their children have been doing. The students could even use it to fundraise for St John Ambulance.

Recognise your students’ efforts

Students like to get recognition for the extracurricular work they do. Email schoolsteam@sja.org.uk to get certificates for your students when they have completed topics or modules.

Activities for young people

Our youth programmes give young people the opportunity to learn first aid alongside other important life skills.

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