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Bear Grylls Survival RaceBear Grylls Survival Race

Event details

  • When: August and September 2017
  • Where: Cambridge, Peterborough, Manchester, London
  • Distance: Obstacle race (5km - 30km)
  • Registration fee: £50 (5km), £55 (10km), £85 (30km)
  • Minimum sponsorship: as much as you can

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The Bear Grylls Survival race is a series of challenges designed to help you find your warrior spirit and prove that life is a journey best lived boldly.

Experience survival scenarios, similar to those that Bear Grylls is exposed to in many of his adventures across the planet. You can take part in:

  • • A 5km run with 20+ obstacles and 2+ BG Survival Challenges.
  • • A 10km course filled with over 35 natural and purpose-built obstacles and 4+ BG Survival Challenges.
  • • For those in London, you can compete in the one and only Ultimate Survivor 30km challenge.

As you make your way through our survival zones you will encounter scenarios found in some of the world’s toughest terrains and surroundings, where you will truly experience what survival is like in the jungle, desert, mountains, and arctic.

We promise you will be tired at the finish line, but you will leave with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for what you have achieved.

Dates and locations:

Date Race type Location
5 August 2017 5km / 10km TBC
9 September 2017 5km / 10km Tatton Park, North West
30 September 2017 5km / 10km / 30km Trent Park, London

*link will open a registration page on Active Network

Already got a place in the Bear Grylls Survival Race?

If you already have your own place, we would love to have you on our team. We don’t have a minimum sponsorship target, but any funds you can raise would be hugely appreciated.

For any questions please email us or call 020 7324 4168.

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