Top 10 tips and tricks

So you’re thinking about organising your own event to help raise money for St John Ambulance, but where do you begin?

tips and tricksDon’t worry, we’re here to support you and our top 10 tips and tricks will help get you started.

1. Talk to us - We want to know that you’re interested in organising an event. Let us know and download our Fundraising Starter Pack full of materials to get you going. You can even contact your local fundraising coordinator for more help and advice.

2. There’s no need to go it alone - Getting some extra support from friends and family is always a good idea. They might not always be able to help out at events, but see if they’ll help you brainstorm ideas, hone your plans or promote your fundraising page via social media.

3. Health and safety - If you’re organising an event for the public, ensure that all health & safety precautions are taken to avoid any accidents. Want to know more? Read our health and safety tips.

4. It’s all about the cause - Make sure you let people know why you’ve chosen to support St John Ambulance – the more they know about our inspirational work, the more likely they are to support our cause.

5. Create your online fundraising page/keep an eye on the pennies - set up an online giving page so you can share it with your friends, family and colleagues so they can easily donate. If you’re receiving funds by hand, calculate a simple budget when planning your event and make sure you review it regularly.

6. Share it on social media - Tell people what you’re doing and share a link to your fundraising page so people can see what you’re doing and support you. Make sure to tweet @stjohnambulance and join us on Facebook for advice and updates.

7. Most of all, have a good time - Above all else enjoy your event and have fun! Have fun baking cakes, singing karaoke or whatever it is you’re doing. Let’s face it, you’re doing it for a good cause.

8. Say thank you - After it’s all done, say thank you to everybody who helped and gave their support.

9. How to pay in your money - If you’ve raised your funds through JustGiving, the money will come directly to us. If you have raised in other ways, get more information on how to return your money.

10. How to keep it legal - Handling money/keeping children safe at your event/licences, it’s all important! Refer to our Money Matters to get all the details.

For more help or information please contact the events team at or call 0207 3244168.

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