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Information for executors and solicitors

We administer all legacies for St John Ambulance at our National Headquarters in London, including those to benefit a particular unit or region. This ensures you receive a direct response to any questions you may have and a receipt for any gifts from our Legacy Administration Officer. We can amend our records too so that we do not send out any future correspondence to the deceased.

If you have any questions about a gift that has been left to St John Ambulance, or you are ready to send a legacy payment, please contact our Legacy Officer:

Lisa Clarke
St John Ambulance
27 St John’s Lane

020 7324 4148

Legacies are vital to our life-saving work and we need to ensure we administer them in accordance with the Charity Commission guidelines. To help us do this we may need to ask you for some details about the estate and it would assist us if you can provide the following:

  • • The full name and title of the deceased
  • • Their last address
  • • The date of death
  • • The Executor’s name and contact details
  • • A copy of the will

If the gift is a share/percentage of the estate, we would also need a copy of the Estate Accounts and, if applicable, a Tax Deduction Certificate (R185) which may enable us to reclaim Income Tax from HMRC and maximise the generous gift that has been made. It would also be helpful if you could let us know if there are shares or property in the estate because it may be possible to minimise any Capital Gains Tax that may be payable on our share of the same. For more information about this please contact our Legacy Administration Officer, who is happy to help.

If you are sending a cheque, please make it payable to St John Ambulance.