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Let's get first aid onto the school curriculum

Would you agree that all children should know how to save a life?

If every child learned first aid at school, thousands more lives could be saved.

We’re calling for every single school child to have at least one hour of first aid teaching per year.

What’s happened so far

We have a chance to get first aid on the school curriculum as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. The government is considering making part, or all, of PSHE education mandatory from 2019.

The Department for Education recently ran a 'call for evidence' on what subjects should be included in PSHE. Along with the British Red Cross and British Heart Foundation, we called for first aid to be on the list. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who filled out the survey and made the case for first aid teaching. Thanks to your support, the government has heard how important pupils, parents, and teachers feel it is to learn first aid in school.


What happens now

Now, we wait for the government to announce the results of its call for evidence and make proposals on what will happen next. This may take some time, but we expect an update probably around June/July 2018. The government will then run a consultation on its proposals.

If you would like to be kept up to date with progress, please complete this short form.


In the meantime…

Don’t wait for the government to make it mandatory - if you’re a teacher or youth leader, you could start teaching your pupils to save lives now.

We have lots of free resources available to help teachers bring first aid into the classroom. Have a look at our lesson plans, or watch the Big First Aid Lesson.


Latest updates

Together with our campaign partners, we have submitted a report to the Department for Education on statutory PSHE education. Download the report.



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