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Local community projects

St John Ambulance can give you the skills to save the lives of the ones you love

In addition to the first aid activities and services that we undertake, we also run a range of community support programmes, which focus on health and social care in the community.

These programmes only run in selected local areas, as specified below: 

  • First Aid for Carers - This course currently runs in London and the East Midlands. Each course is designed to build a support network between the attendees, and has a dedicated discussion around the roles and responsibilities of being a carer.
  • First Aid for Young Carers - This programme is open to young carers who are aged between five and 17 and who care for the physical, mental and social needs of a relative.
  • The homeless service (Sussex)
  • St John Home (Whitstable)
  • The Priory Nursery (Stevenage)

The next steps

To find out more about our community support programmes you can telephone 08700 10 49 50 to be put through to your local St John Ambulance branch.

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