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First Aid Manual: The revised 10th Edition

Get up-to-date with DK’s newly revised 10th edition First Aid Manual. It’s the only First Aid Manual written and authorised by the UK’s leading first aid providers: St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross.First Aid Manual Revised

All the advice in the revised edition has been reviewed and updated. The language has also been simplified and the steps are even clearer. A key change to this edition is the change of the word ‘unconscious’ to ‘unresponsive’. Changing from ‘unconscious’ to ‘unresponsive’ replaces a medical term with one that is easier for the first aider to understand and so helps turn the science into clear guidelines to improve outcomes.

In addition to this update, the guide also includes the following changes:

  • •More emphasis placed on pressure when dealing with blood loss rather than raising the injury above the heart to slow down the blood flow.
  • •The procedure for treating a choking adult or child has been simplified.
  • •The process of dealing with chest injuries has been simplified.
  • •Updated advice on treating a diabetic who suffers a hypoglycaemic episode.
  • •More emphasis on the importance of using speaker phone/hands free when administrating first aid so that you can talk to the emergency services at the same time as dealing with the casualty.
  • •New advice on dealing with snake bites.

This manual covers every aspect of first aid from what it means to be a first aider and using first aid equipment to understanding and dealing with over 100 different conditions from splinters and sprained ankles to strokes, heart attacks and unresponsive casualties. Get your hands on the revised edition online at St John Supplies.

“We are constantly developing techniques to ensure we cater for a broad spectrum of first aid needs. The material in this manual has been set out in a clear and logical manner which equips people with up-to-date and helpful guidelines.” Andrew New - Voluntary Aided Society's Project Manager