National first aid awareness day 2nd August 2007

Students practising resuscitation

The UK's leading first aid providers – St John Ambulance, St Andrew's Ambulance Association and the British Red Cross - are urging the British public to equip themselves with life-saving skills on National first aid awareness day.

Following recent research suggesting millions of Britons lack the knowledge to undertake basic first aid procedures, the organisations recommend that everyone should learn first aid as featured in DK's first aid manual, which offers a comprehensive guide to treating casualties in emergency situations.   

First aid training is the best thing any of us can do. Having to revive your own child is a parent’s nightmare, but better that than watching helplessly

Gareth Bloomfield
St John Ambulance trained first aider

The research commissioned by the three voluntary organisations and publishers Dorling Kindersley shows that only 1 in 3 people consider themselves capable of performing the simplest of techniques or treating minor household injuries.  This lack of knowledge means that people are ill equipped to deal with real-life emergency situations.

Reassuringly, the research also found that two thirds of British people would stop if they saw someone in need of first aid.  However, the majority would not be comfortable with one of the fundamentals of first aid, CPR. 

Drawing on hundreds of years of combined experience, the Voluntary Aid Societies are the acknowledged experts in training and practising first aid. Each society offers distinct charitable, voluntary and training services, but all work together to raise standards in first aid. 

St John Ambulance run regular courses in first aid. These courses are literally life saving. The courses teach procedures for everyone to follow at home, in the workplace or on holiday, and give the confidence to provide effective first aid treatment anywhere, at anytime - whether it's cuts and bruises, a nosebleed or a heart attack

Find out more about training St John Ambulance provide.

The First Aid Manual (£12.99) -the only reference manual written and endorsed by the UK's leading first aid providers, St John Ambulance, St. Andrew's Ambulance Association and the British Red Cross, and published by Dorling Kindersley - is a comprehensive guide to treating casualties of all ages in any emergency. Buy a copy of the manual from us.

*All statistics noted above are the results of a survey commissioned in 2006 which was completed by nearly 2,400 people across the UK and undertaken by