Copper card help kids get to know their community coppers

Elementary kids ride a SJA motorcycle

A St John Ambulance trainer has teamed up with the West Midlands Police force to work towards building relationships between young people and the police.

Keith Godwin, 63, a volunteer and trainer with St John Ambulance in London (Prince of Wales) District has teamed up with his son Superintendent Tim Godwin, the Operations manager of the Sutton Coldfield Operational Command Unit of West Midlands Police, to bring forward what they’re calling Copper cards.

It was great that he was able to bring a St John Ambulance motorcycle up for the launch and I think everyone enjoyed hearing about how he had driven the very vehicles which we’re featuring on our new Copper Cards.

Superintendant Tim Godwin
Operations manager of the Sutton Coldfield Operational Command Unit of West Midlands Police

These trading cards have been designed to attract the attention of children seven through 11-years, raising their interest and awareness about policing, as well as giving them a chance to meet with officers on patrol in their community.

The trading cards are a collectable edition with 24 unique designs showing policing through the ages. Copper cards also come with crime prevention and safety trivia geared towards the youngsters.

When Keith was part of the police force he rode on motorcycles very similar to the ones shown on these new Copper cards.

Available only from uniformed officers or Police Community Support Officers children are given the opportunity to speak with police officers and to understand the many constructive and helpful actions these ‘coppers’ perform.

‘By getting used to talking with the police, children get to see that they’re not just those guys who are going to arrest you when you do something wrong,’ said Keith.

In his role of volunteer with St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales) District, Keith is one of a team or city-based motorcyclists. Attending events like the Notting Hill Carnival and the London Marathon to carry life saving equipment such as defibrillators and oxygen.

Keith’s St John Ambulance London District Response Motorcycle was on hand at the launch of the Copper cards. This allowed Keith to introduce the children to the motorcycle and the role this vehicle could play in ensuring everyone’s safety, much like the Copper cards introduced the children to the role of police in their community.

‘I think it’s an excellent idea,’ Keith said. ‘It’s a community initiative and it was very well received, especially by the school children who were at the launch.’

For more information on the St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales) District Response Motorcycle team or other volunteer opportunities with St John Ambulance email us or call.