News stories from May 2008

Cheese rollers keep volunteers busy
First aiders at one of the country's most bizarre event - the annual cheese rolling competition at Cooper's Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire -treated fewer injuries than usual this year after persistent rain turned the event into a mudbath.
Volunteers on hand at Luton Carnival
Over 85 dedicated volunteers from all over Bedfordshire will be on hand to provide first aid support at this years Luton International Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday.
First aid at football violence
First aid given after horse bolts
Volunteers were called into action at a horse show in Portsmouth this week when a shire horse broke loose from its handler and ran into the crowd.
Caring for runners - come rain or shine
St John Ambulance treated 4068 people at this Sunday’s Flora London Marathon, with most runners going on to finish the race. Coldness and cramps were common problems and 53 runners were sent to hospital for further treatment.