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spooky sleepover skeleton

We have teamed up with the capital's newest attraction, The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, to offer an unforgettable and unique night for the bravest of souls.

Be part of the first ever group of people to sleep over in the attraction and get your friends and family to sponsor you to scare yourself silly while raising funds for the charity’s life saving work.

The Spooky Sleepover takes place on Saturday 15 November and is guaranteed to be a hair-raising occasion. It’s a one-off chance to spend the entire night deep within the long forgotten tombs and caverns of the world’s most famous bridge, watching out for things that go bump in the night, while raising money for St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity. Living TV’s Most Haunted visited the attraction this autumn and called it ‘the scariest and most haunted attraction in England’.

The ghoulish nature of the tombs under London Bridge came to light when workmen were excavating the site. They began noticing strange sounds and sights and were shocked to discover human bones. But don’t let that frighten you – there’s much more to be afraid of during the Spooky Sleepover!

Starting at 9.00pm with a welcome and buffet meal the night takes a sinister turn… You’ll be given your own private tours and readings of ghostly goings-on. If that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, there will be an exploration into the unexplained with the UK Society of Paranormal Investigation and chance to watch a screening of a scary film to finish you off, leaving you to snuggle into your sleeping bag and endure the rest of the night.

This event will test your nerves and promises to be a night to remember!

Rosie Myres
Special Events Fundraiser, St John Ambulance

First aid trained St John Ambulance event coordinators will be present for the whole night, so will help you with any problems you may have (though be warned, even they won’t be able to save you from supernatural terrors of the night!).

Rosie Myres, Special Events Fundraiser at St John Ambulance said: ‘We are calling on the fearless to be part of the first group to stay the entire night in these ghostly surroundings. This event will test your nerves and promises to be a night to remember! Endure the night and raise money to help us save lives.’

In order to raise sufficient funds for St John Ambulance all participants are asked to pay a £35 registration fee followed by a pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £150. You must be 18 or over to sleepover.

For more information or contact Rosie Myres on 020 7324 4177 or email