News stories from December 2009

First aiders at St Pancras
Volunteers continue to support the ambulance service, as 999 calls mount up around the country because of the severe weather increasing demand and impeding the usual mobility of the service.
First aiders help in stabbing drama
Volunteers from St John Ambulance in Kent were first on the scene of a double stabbing in the Medway Towns on Saturday 19 December.
Snow support continues
St John Ambulance has been supporting local communities around the country since Thursday 17 December because of the adverse conditions.
Young people's work celebrated
rise project participants.jpg
Over 30 youngsters from East London received an early Christmas present when a party was held to recognise their achievements and inspiration to others by St John Ambulance.
Christmas week support
St John Ambulance is providing emergency support to affected areas during the cold weather conditions in the run up to Christmas.
Suffolk snow support
Kind hearted volunteers in Suffolk are adding their weight to the support and rescue efforts on the county’s snow-covered roads.
Pedal power for Bristol shoppers
Shoppers in Avon will be able to cope in the Christmas rush knowing they are in the safe hands of St John Ambulance volunteers should they require first aid.
Gas explosion help
Dedicated volunteers sprang into action to help support the North West Ambulance Service after a gas explosion at Withington Hospital last week.
Research on CPR training music
Researchers writing in the British Medical Journal have found that students listening to Nellie the Elephant during first aid training were more likely to use the correct rhythm during CPR.