Gaza help

Eye Hospital Nurse

Volunteers at the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem are continuing to provide care to the community despite the fragile situation in Gaza.

The conflicts in Gaza have had profound effect on the communities there and the hospital itself. At present the hospital is not treating any serious eye cases as a result of the conflicts but this is likely to change when people are confident enough to travel. Read the latest situation report from the hospital’s Chairman, John Talbot.

The St John Eye Hospital is one of the two foundations of the Order of St John (the other being St John Ambulance) and was founded in 1882.

It is the main provider of eye care in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where blindness caused by eye disease is 10 times more common than in developed countries. In 2008, the hospital’s programmes treated over 83,000 patients – irrespective of race, religion or ability to pay.