T4 on the Beach

T4 on the Beach 2009 first aid cover

Hard working volunteers braved the bad weather to provide first aid support at this years' T4 on the Beach music event in Weston-Super-Mare Beach last weekend.

With over 45,000 spectators, lots of resources were needed to ensure everyone was able to have a safe and enjoyable time. These included:

  • 5 ambulances
  • 4 treatment centres
  • cycle response unit
  • control unit, 68 personnel
  • 2 doctors
  • 6 nurses
  • 2 logistics units

Dedicated volunteers treated over 200 people and took eight people to hospital for more serious injuries. Patients were treated for various things such as fractures, cardiac conditions, appendicitis, head injuries and seizures.

Scott King, Great Western Ambulance Service said: 'We would like to thank all the volunteers from St John for all their hard work today.

'Their professionalism and high quality of resources ensured the event ran smoothly and patients were treated appropriately.'

Event Manager Becky Russell said: 'All our personnel worked exceptionally hard today in difficult weather conditions. I am pleased that the event went smoothly.'