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First aid for all seasons

snow support

The nation's transport services may have been brought to a standstill, but St John Ambulance continues to be the difference during this latest spell of bad weather.

Gripped by the second 'Big Freeze' in almost as many weeks, the first aid charity has once again been providing care, ambulance services and hope to people across the country.

Thousands queue in freezing conditions

Earlier this week, at St Pancras station thousands were left stranded due to Eurostar delays and cancellations. Eight St John Ambulance first aiders and two mobile treatment centres were on site. Eight people were treated, one was taken to hospital and blankets were given to those suffering the effects of the cold.

'Many people had been standing out in the cold for several hours and it's understandable that Eurostar wanted to make sure they’re properly looked after,' said Ann Cable, Commissioner of St John Ambulance in London.

Volunteers will continue to be on duty until they are not needed.

St John Ambulance responds across the nation

These efforts are being replicated by St John Ambulance volunteers across the country.

At the weekend, in Oxfordshire, Cycle Responders cycled through snowy conditions in Oxford city centre to provide initial assessment and treatment while ambulance crews, who would normally perform these tasks, struggled to get through the snow to reach them. Notthinghamshire's Cycle Response Unit is providing first aid to shoppers in Notthingham city centre. In Sussex ambulance support has been provided to SECAmb, one patient needing transportation so he could receive life saving dialysis.

To cope with festivities associated with this time of year special centres have been set up in Derbyshire and Northamptonshire. St John Ambulance has joined forces with police, pastors and various other groups to provide a safe haven where first aid can be sought, crimes reported, taxis booked, or where people can simply take a break from their big nights' out.

While a combination of bad weather and Christmas revelry puts pressure on this country's infrastructure and services, St John Ambulance will continue to fill the gap and be the difference.