Taking the heat off London

Large numbers of people treated in hot weekend.

All over the capital, the volunteer teams of St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales’s) District have been on hand in the soaring temperatures to treat sun-related injuries and ailments.

Over 150 treated at Wimbledon daily

Each day at SW19, a team of 50 has been providing first aid care to spectators. The hot conditions typically resulting in over 150 treated per day. Last Friday’s casualty figures reached 177 and Saturday's 172.

In most cases, tournament-goers have been exhibiting dehydration and mild heat exhaustion, brought on by temperatures close to 30 degrees.

St John Ambulance cover extends beyond Wimbledon

At the London Bikeathon, 87 people were treated – with approximately 15 to 20% of those being heat-related. During the live music at Hyde Park 326 people received care.
The St John Ambulance London team were also present in Central London for Sunday's World Cup game to ensure people didn’t suffer from the heat or crowds.

Ann Cable, commissioner for St John Ambulance London (Prince of Wales's) District, said it isn’t unusual for her team to have a large number of events happening at once in the summer calendar.

'It's at times like this that our dedicated volunteers really come into their own, showing their huge devotion to the organisation and their commitment to keeping people across the capital safe and healthy at all times.'

Hot weather advice

St John Ambulance has issued the following advice to those set to enjoy events in the capital in the continuing hot temperatures:

  • Stay hydrated – if the weather is hot; ensure you have water with you at all times
  • Queuing – can be a lengthy process at events like Wimbledon
  • Protection from the sun – the excitement of the event can cause you to neglect the risk of sunburn and sunstroke. Cover yourself up and use a good sun block
  • Wearing a hat – provides extra protection from the sun.