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St John Ambulance is launching two new radio adverts this week (9 May 2011) to stop listeners in their tracks and encourage them to learn how to save a life.

Surprising twist

In one dramatic advert a carpet sales recording goes horribly wrong as the voiceover artist appears to suffer a heart attack mid-sentence. In the second, for a mythical sofa shop, the actor stops breathing as his colleague struggles to help him.

Get free first aid advice

The adverts aim to encourage people to learn about first aid by visiting the St John Ambulance website. Visitors to the site can get free first aid advice, request a free pocket guide or book a training course to help with the scenarios in the adverts and more.

With two-thirds of people surveyed by the charity saying they wouldn’t feel confident trying to save a life, there is a clear need for people to become more familiar and therefore comfortable with this vital, life saving information.

Emergencies happen

Scott Jacobson, Director of Marketing, Communications and Fundraising at St John Ambulance, said: ‘Every year up to 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have been the difference. Listening to these adverts reminds people that emergencies can happen at any time, in any place. We hope they encourage people to equip themselves with free life saving knowledge.’

The format of the adverts follows the charity’s successful viral hit Popcorn, which saw a seemingly standard advert take a turn for the worse, and escalate into a dramatic first aid emergency. 

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