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Young people awarded for life saving work

YFA 2011

Twenty brave, young individuals were recently commended for their life saving actions at St John Ambulance's annual Young First Aider of the Year Awards.

The awards

The winners of the award were honoured for putting their first aid training to use in emergency situations which, in some cases, made the difference between a life lost and a life saved.  

The ceremony was held on 21 May at the charity's historic headquarters in Clerkenwell, London and the winners were presented with their awards by actor Warwick Davis, who has appeared in the Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia film series, and is a senior volunteer for St John Ambulance in Cambridgeshire.

The winners

This year the 20 deserving winners included:

  • Kyle Wright, who stemmed the blood flow of a bottle attack victim and consequently saved their life
  • Micah Bailey, who found an unconscious woman in a supermarket and instructed the store's first aiders on how to treat her
  • Jackie Haywood, who helped a woman involved in a road traffic accident by controlling her severe bleeding, which helped to save her life 
  • Josh Glastonbury, who saved his mum from dying from a heart attack while she was driving on Christmas Eve last year
  • Amy McNamara, whose swift actions saved her 5 year-old brother from choking to death
  • Sophie Heald, who helped to treat her mum after she was scalded from a burst hot water bottle
  • Savannah Fitzgerald, who alerted the emergency services when she realised her mum wasn't breathing
  • Jordan Jack and Alistair Hutton, both of whom helped to treat an elderly man who trapped his foot underneath a wheel of a bus

One of the winners, Josh Glastonbury, said: 'I feel so proud to have won this award and if it wasn't for the first aid skills that I had learned, then my mum wouldn't be here with me today. During the incident, my first aid knowledge just kicked in and I immediately knew what to do. Before then, I thought I'd never have to use first aid, but my story shows you just never know when you're going to need it.'

Motivating others

Impressed by the know-how of these life savers, Davis said:

'These courageous young people have shown how invaluable first aid skills are and that, by knowing them, you can help those around you who may be placed in vulnerable situations. No one should die because they needed first aid and didn't get it. I hope these winners are an inspiration, and encourage more people to learn this vital skill so that others don't suffer from a lack of first aid.'