St John Ambulance needs your votes

 Wilfred Doe and first aider

St John Ambulance is delighted to have been shortlisted to become The Football League’s Official Charity Partner for Season 2012/2013. This is an excellent opportunity but we need your votes to help us win the partnership and tackle unnecessary deaths.

The partnership, which would help to raise funds of up to £400,000 for the charity, could allow St John Ambulance to equip up to 300,000 school children with life saving skills so they could help in an emergency. Nothing is more tragic than a life lost needlessly. St John Ambulance believes no one should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it.

Football first aiders

The leading first aid charity already works with the Football League in providing first aid cover for a great number of matches. This work alone has already saved the lives of many individuals, including Notts County FC supporter Wilfred Doe whose life was saved after he went into cardiac arrest at a home game.

Wilfred was fortunate to be in the presence of someone trained in first aid, but it’s not just football fans that this extra funding could help.

The true value of teaching first aid in schools has already become clear with many reports of children saving the lives of their parents, friends and even strangers.

At the age of 12, Brandon Flanighan managed to stem the flow of blood from a serious wound to the head. The life he saved? His mother’s, who was badly injured after a nasty fall at home.

Brandon learnt the first aid that would eventually save his mother’s life along with his friends and classmates at Morpeth Newminster Middle School through the St John Ambulance Young First Aider course. The course is voluntary for schools to add to their curriculum. Had his school not taken part, his mother may not have been so lucky. She certainly believes Brandon saved her life.

Vote for life saving skills

Each year up to 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have given them the chance to live. Your vote could be the difference between life and death, for the person in front of you at the turnstiles, or elsewhere in your community, so please visit the Football League website and vote for St John Ambulance now, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Voting closes at 12pm on Wednesday 7 December.