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First aid in the news

 Recovery position - adult/child

Following on from this week's high profile first aid stories, St John Ambulance has commented on the importance of first aid for all.

Prince Harry saves opponent on polo pitch

According to reports, His Royal Highness came to the aid of US businessman Bash Kazi, who had been knocked unresponsive during a charity match in Campinas, Brazil, last month.

Prince Harry put Mr Kazi into the recovery position after the incident. His first aid knowledge could well have saved his opponent's life, as putting someone unresponsive in the recovery position ensures their airway is kept open so they can breathe.

The Saturday’s star Una discusses the moment her newborn child choked

Una Healy, member of girl group The Saturdays, spoke of her fear when newborn, Aofie Belle, began to choke in hospital.

Thankfully, doctors were on hand to care for the baby girl; but St John Ambulance believes it is important for every parent to learn first aid should the unthinkable happen.

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