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St John Ambulance celebrate Olympic success

On duty at marathon

With Team GB celebrating its most successful Olympics for 104 years, St John Ambulance is celebrating a success of its own, having been on hand to provide first aid to over 3,600 members of the public at many of the events and celebrations held around the country.

Delivering essential first aid

The final week of the Olympics saw St John Ambulance supporting the public while they cheered on two Team GB medallists at the Olympic triathlon, the men’s marathon and live sites at Weymouth, along with many other locations.

In the last week alone, first aiders dealt with over 1,389 cases of injury or illness at recognised Olympic events, supporting those who turned out to cheer on Team GB.

Chris Reed, Head of Volunteering for St John Ambulance, said: ‘All of the St John Ambulance volunteers involved in the events over the last two weeks should be incredibly proud of themselves.

Our volunteers have shown that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved and have provided vital first aid to those who needed it, allowing thousands to celebrate the success of the world’s best athletes.

Supporting the Paralympics

Preparations will now begin for the Paralympics, where St John Ambulance will again be on hand to provide first aid to supporters from 29 August – 9 September.