St John Ambulance honoured with a Diamond Jubilee Award

Lord Coe and SJA volunteer

On 12 December, as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Queen will hail the inspirational work of volunteers in 60 organisations. St John Ambulance is among those receiving a Diamond Jubilee Award.

A special honour

The Diamond Jubilee Award is a unique category of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which was established as part of the UK honours system to recognise the work of grass-roots organisations. Buckingham Palace will hold a celebratory reception next year for the recipients of the award to recognise ten years of the scheme.

Chairman of the awards, former BBC newsreader Martyn Lewis CBE, said: ‘The 60 organisations have built their success on the dedication and generosity of thousands of extraordinary people, each of whom has devoted their time and energy to the simple aim of making their communities – and their country – a better place.’

The nation's leading first aid charity

For over 125 years, St John Ambulance has been teaching and giving people first aid – being the difference between lives lost and lives saved. The dedication and compassion of each of the 40,000 volunteers lie at the heart of our organisation. A vital service at major events across the UK and supporting the ambulance services in times of crisis, these volunteers sacrifice an incredible four million voluntary hours each year, ensuring the safety of the public.

The St John Ambulance volunteer programme engages with people of all ages from as young as five. As well as delivering first aid training to the community, St John Ambulance encourages young people to teach others first aid skills through its peer education programme.

St John Ambulance invests in excess of £300,000 each year in its national volunteering department, providing a clear volunteer management structure through its local units, areas, districts and regions. 

Nick Hurd the Minister for Civil Society will be presenting the award to St John Ambulance.

Supporting the community

Head of Volunteering, Chris Reed, who will be collecting the award, said: ‘We’re thrilled to receive this award which recognises the life saving contribution that our volunteers make in their communities.

St John Ambulance’s 40,000 volunteers are contributing to our mission to ensure no-one dies from a lack of first aid; either by providing support at community events, educating others in the importance of life saving skills or backing up the emergency services in times of crisis.

This year we provided essential first aid to over 3,600 members of the public during the Olympic period and at over 700 Jubilee events and celebrations to those who needed it.

Our volunteers are trained to deal with any first aid emergency, from minor injuries to potentially fatal cardiac arrests, and are ready to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved, if required. They should be incredibly proud of this achievement.’

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