Young first aider of the year award winners 2012

Hannah Badnell

Hannah-Elissa Badnell – St John Ambulance Badger

Aged 5

Last May, Hannah-Elissa was at home, when her mum Heidi fell down the stairs injuring her left knee quite badly. Hannah-Elissa went to the phone and called her daddy. She then took an ice pack and tea towel to her mum. Hannah-Elissa was very brave. She didn’t cry and she did all this without asking what to do. Hannah-Elissa is now a Badger, expanding her knowledge and loves doing first aid.

Benjamin Marks-Baggott – St John Ambulance Badger

Aged 9

Benjamin Marks-Baggott

Benjamin and his mum had been shopping in Bilston Shopping Centre when they noticed an elderly gentleman in a state of collapse. His daughter, who was with him, was trying to hold him up. Benjamin went over with his mum and told the daughter what to do to help. The gentleman was lowered to the ground and Benjamin then performed the initial assessment - DRABC. Based on this assessment Benjamin decided it would be the safest option to put the gentleman in the recovery position as he was very pale.

As Benjamin is a small child and the man was quite a large, Benjamin could not manage to put him in the recovery position himself so told his mum how and what to do. An ambulance was called by a passing police officer and Benjamin stayed with the gentleman and his daughter until the arrival of the emergency services.

Cadet Lance Corporal Aaron Field – Army Cadet Force

Aged 13

Aaron Field

Late one Saturday evening Aaron was in his room playing on his PS3 when he heard a crash. Running down the stairs he found his dad holding his forearm. Aaron’s dad had been doing some DIY at home and had fallen off a ladder going straight through a glass window.

Aaron asked his dad to let him look at his arm and he saw a deep cut with lots of blood and what appeared to be muscle hanging out. Making sure there was no glass in the wound, Aaron gave his dad a towel which he wrapped round his arm and told him to apply pressure. By this point his dad had gone very pale so Aaron asked him to sit down and to elevate his arm. There was a lot of blood but Aaron didn’t panic remembering what he had been taught. He made sure his dad’s arm remained elevated whilst still applying pressure. Aaron also cleaned the blood away from the wound while he waited for the ambulance which he had calmly asked his mum to call.

Cadet Sergeant Lewis Hayes – Army Cadet Force

Aged 17

Lewis Hayes

Lewis was on his way to meet a friend to start their first day at work. As he neared his destination, he heard a woman calling for help and saw a man collapsed at the bus stop. Lewis went across to see what was happening. The lady who was calling for help was panicking and was in a state of distress. Lewis introduced himself and explained that he was a trained first aider. Two other people nearby also offered their assistance.

Lewis was unable to get a response from the casualty but was able to establish that he had a clear airway. Lewis showed another bystander how to maintain the airway. Lewis then noticed that the casualty had turned pale and blueish. On further examination Lewis found that the casualty had stopped breathing and he began performing CPR until the arrival of the ambulance.

When the paramedics arrived on scene they told Lewis to continue with CPR until they were able to take over. Lewis was able to brief the paramedics on what had happened and what first aid he had delivered.

Lewis then continued on to his first day at work.

Cadet Dean Little – Army Cadet Force

Aged 16

Dean Little

In March 2010 Deane was woken by his nan who was staying with them at the time. His nan was hysterical and was unable to speak but she dragged Deane into her bedroom where he found his Granddad in a semi-conscious state. Deane immediately went over to his granddad and attempted to wake him by shaking his shoulders. He checked his granddads pulse but was unable to find one. Deane then checked his granddads airways and breathing and discovered that his granddad was no longer breathing. Noticing his granddad was getting colder to the touch and turning blue, Deane began administrating CPR and told his nan to call for an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived approximately five minutes later. When the paramedics arrived they took over administrating CPR and with Deane’s assistance moved his granddad to the floor as Deane had been unable to do this by himself.

The paramedics were able to restart Deane’s granddads heart but unfortunately he later passed away in hospital. Deane’s nan was told by the Doctors at the hospital that his actions really did help. If he had not administered CPR the paramedics would never have got his heart started again.

Cadet Lance Bombardier Rebecca Love – Army Cadet Force

Aged 16

Rebecca Love

Rebecca had just got off the bus in Willenhall when she heard a commotion in New Street outside the ‘Malthouse’ public house. She saw a man get out of a car and start attacking another man, shouting, ‘I am going to kill you!’ The victim was beaten to the ground as his sister, Lisa, tried to get the assailant off him.

The assailant returned to his car, took a wooden stick from the boot and again began to beat the man, still on the floor. By now the victim’s sister was extremely distraught and screaming. She attempted to use her mobile phone to call the police but when this was seen by the assailant he struck the outside of her wrist with the stick and continued to beat her with it. At this point, with total disregard for her own safety, Rebecca intervened and went to the aid of Lisa. Despite the risk that she herself might be attacked Rebecca called the police. The assailant realising what Rebecca had done ran back to his car and drove off but not before Rebecca had made a note of the registration number that she was later able to pass on to the police.

Rebecca administered first aid to Lisa applying an ice-pack to her injured hand before she administered first aid to Lisa’s badly injured brother, she then called an ambulance.

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