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Everyday Heroes opens for entries

Nominate your deserving winners now

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Do you know someone who has been the difference between life and death? Or an organisation that is putting first aid first? If so, St John Ambulance wants to hear from you.

The nation’s leading first aid charity is launching a search for the individuals and organisations that are making our communities a safer place to live and work, and wants you to nominate those who are helping to save lives.

Celebrating the nation’s life savers

Maybe you know a company who has trained its entire workforce in first aid or donated equipment to their local community? Or someone who has used first aid in extraordinary circumstances? Make sure you nominate them before 13 December so they can get the recognition they deserve.

Everyday Heroes is a unique awards programme, recognising the inspirational stories of individuals who have used first aid to save a life and those who champion the cause, helping to create more first aiders in our communities. This year’s winners will be crowned at an exclusive ceremony at the Lancaster London hotel near Hyde Park on 26 March 2014.

Recognising individuals and organisations

Sue Killen, Chief Executive at St John Ambulance says: ‘We’re on the lookout for Everyday Heroes. These are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things, by putting first aid into practise when it matters most or helping more people learn this vital skill. Everyone has the ability to save a life and we want to celebrate those who are doing just that; in their communities, workplaces, and often their own homes.’

‘Each year, up to 140,000* people die in situations where first aid could have given them a chance to live. Thanks to the first aid knowledge and heroic actions of some incredible individuals and the organisations that are making first aid a priority, more people are alive today. We believe these achievements should be recognised and we can’t wait to invite some deserving nominees to come and mingle with the stars at the Everyday Heroes awards. ‘

Last year’s incredible winners and finalists included: 17-year old Lee Craven, who performed life saving first aid on a friend who had fallen into a frozen canal, Fidelity Investment, who, after investing in an AED (automated external defibrillator), found themselves able to save the life of a man who had collapsed outside their workplace; and 11-year-old Maria Rowe who resuscitated her father when he collapsed while they were home alone.

Get involved

Find out about our award categories and nominate your own Everyday Hero. The deadline for entries is 5pm Friday 13 December.