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Somerset teen named National Cadet of the Year 2014

cadet of the year 2014

April 15 2014

Adam Evans, 17, is National Cadet of the Year 2014, having topped the very best of our country’s young volunteers for the prestigious title.

Adam, from the South West region, was crowned top Cadet based on his dedication to volunteering and practice of first aid, having helped to save a life at the scene of a road accident last year.

‘I’m so proud to have the opportunity to represent Cadets from across the whole country; it’s really quite humbling,’ he said.

For the next year, Adam will have the duty of representing our charity at high profile events, such as our Young Achievers’ reception held at Buckingham Palace. Adam will be the official young person ambassador for the Cadet programme he has grown fond of.

‘Of course the main reason for being a Cadet is for the valuable training we receive, but the social side of Cadets is also a big factor. I have met people I will be friends with for life!'

Committed to first aid

Adam follows in his parents’ footsteps, who both have been involved with the charity. At age six he joined our youth programme, Badgers, and has been volunteering with us for 11 years.

Amazingly, he has volunteered 700 hours in total, on average one hour each week for over a decade. Adam is well-known in his region as a leading youth volunteer. He was recently selected to become Regional Director for a day which is an initiative that allows our young volunteers to sit in the driving seat of regional operations and offer advice from a younger perspective.

His compassion for helping others and dedication to sharing the importance of first aid goes beyond our charity in this country. Last year, Adam travelled to Nepal to teach other young people first aid skills.

‘I chose to teach first aid because I am confident in the subject, and I know it can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.’

His involvement with teaching first aid paves the way for his future, as he says his first aid experience confirms that he would like a career as a cardiac surgeon.

Young people’s programmes

This year’s Cadet of the Year selection event was held at Sedgeley Park police training centre near Manchester on 12 and 13 April. The event included a series of tough challenges designed to test communication, team work, presentation, social and first aid skills of 30 Cadets from around the country.

As well as the ultimate title of National Cadet of the Year, eight Regional Cadet of the Year roles were awarded.

We have over 26,000 youth volunteers in the country who are involved in our programmes, to prepare the next generation with life saving skills. Through the Cadet programme our young people, aged 10-17, are given the opportunity to make a real difference in their community.

We also offer young people aged between five and ten the opportunity to get involved with us through our Badgers programme, which teaches them important life skills in a fun and safe environment.