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National Schools’ First Aid Competition Winners 2014

 Students show their first aid skills on 'live' casualty

Students from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Wykeham House School are the proud winners of the St John Ambulance national schools’ first aid competition at Drayton Manor, Tamworth, on Wednesday 25 June.

Teamwork achievement

During the competition, pupils from schools all over the country demonstrated their first aid skills on casualties in realistic scenarios with injuries such as choking and major bleeding. Each team was also assessed on their initiative, communication, teamwork, and confidence.

These two schools proved their life saving skills by fighting off competition from the 18 schools present at the finals, where each winning school was awarded a £750 cash prize to be used on equipment and facilities. Each member of the winning team also received an individual prize.

The teams learnt their first aid skills through our teaching resource, Teach the difference website, which gives students the skills to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Importance of life-saving skills

Wendy Human, St John Ambulance’s Director of Charitable Initiatives and Training, attended the competition, and said: ‘First aid should be as important a part of growing up as learning the alphabet, yet seven out of 10 pupils say they wouldn’t know what to do if someone they knew was hurt.

‘This competition and our schools resource is a great way for us to empower young people with life saving skills as well as improve self esteem, and enhance other life skills. We hope that more schools will be encouraged to teach first aid and take part in the competition next year so their students can be the difference in an emergency.’