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St John Ambulance returns to The Royal Cornwall Show

Royal Cornwall Show 2014

During the first weekend of June, more than 80 SJA volunteers returned to the biggest agriculture show in the UK, The Royal Cornwall Show.

Volunteers came from all over the region and were joined by visiting volunteers from London and Yorkshire. 176 patients were treated with six people needing to be taken to hospital.

A visit from Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex brought some excitement to the day. Mary Walters was one of the volunteers who met her, said:

‘It was an honour to be one of the volunteers chosen to meet the Countess, she was very friendly and asked how the day was going and then peered over our shoulders to the crew making tea and asked for coffee, white, no sugar, which broke the ice and everyone laughed. All in all it was an experience I won’t forget.’

In a newly signed contract, St John Ambulance will be sole providers for The Royal Cornwall show for the next three years.

St John Ambulance is always ready to help and The Royal Cornwall Show is one of the many events across the country where we provide fully trained and equipped personnel.