St John Ambulance launches first aid manifesto

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Call for political parties to include first aid in their election plans

With the general election due on 7 May, St John Ambulance is urging the political parties to include first aid in their election plans.

Our prime focus is on first aid in schools because if we can get first aid on the national curriculum then we can create a new generation of life savers.

If you agree that every child should have the chance to learn first aid, register your support at our special promise portal.  You can also check which of your parliamentary candidates are also backing our campaign.

But first aid in schools is just one part of our manifesto which includes a five-point plan to increase the number of first aiders, especially young ones, and their ability to offer first aid to people who need it – so that more people can be helped.

Our five point plan

We’re calling on the next government, of whatever political colour or colours, to:

  1. Give children the best start in life by putting first aid on the national curriculum.
  2. Fix health and safety regulations for five years (unless new evidence emerges), to help smaller organisations stay on top of them.
  3. Keep children safe by training more adults who work with children to deliver paediatric first aid.
  4. Enable the voluntary sector to play its part by complementing public services, such as by supporting the NHS.
  5. Encourage the public sector to assist voluntary organisations like St John Ambulance to deliver life saving first aid to more people.

We think that these five steps will help us to develop millions of new life savers with the confidence to step forward where needed.

All of our proposals have gained the support of individuals in each of the main parties. Now we need to make them happen, so that St John Ambulance, like-minded individuals and partner organisations can take our first aid work to a new level.

Help us bring our campaign to the doorstep by talking to your local candidates about these issues and registering your support on our promise portal

Update: St John Ambulance comment on party manifestoes

We have been calling for first aid to be a compulsory part of the national curriculum, so that every child has the chance to learn to be a life saver. This is a policy that has had backing from individuals in all parties, but it has yet to become reality.

We’re delighted that the Greens, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP have now adopted this policy and included it in their general election manifestoes; and we are continuing to call on all candidates from the other parties to give their individual support at That will enable their voters to see where they stand on the issue. It also means that, following the election, we can quickly build a cross-party community of like-minded MPs so that this long-overdue measure is introduced.

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