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First aid for rugby injuries

Here are all the tips you need for treating your rugby related injuries and illnesses this Rugby World Cup

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Blow to the head

Too much scrumming may cause bleeding of the ear, which can be dangerous. Here’s what to do if it happens to you or a mate:

  1. 1) Sit down with your head tilted to the injured side, allowing to blood to drain from the ear
  2. 2) Hold a clean dressing lightly over the ear
  3. 3) Arrange to be taken to hospital for further examination
  4. 4) If you see the blood coming from inside their ear, support their head in the position you found them and dial 999 for an ambulance

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Had a mishap attempting to tackle like one of the England lads? Cuts are normally easily controlled with pressure and elevation. To control minor bleeding and minimise the risk of infection, here’s what we recommend:

  1. 1) If your wound is dirty, clean it under running water. Pat the wound dry and cover it with a sterile gauze.
  2. 2) Raise and support the injured part above the level of the heart. Avoid touching the wound.
  3. 3) Clean the area around the wound with soap and water. Pat dry, remove the wound covering and apply a sterile dressing.

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Sprained ankle

Being too enthusiastic with your ball kicking may lead to a sprained ankle. Signs of this include pain and tenderness, swelling and difficulty moving the injured part. If someone has a sprain, you need to:

  1. 1) Help them lie down and support their ankle in a raised position
  2. 2) Apply an ice pack to reduce swelling, bruising and pain
  3. 3) Wrap a soft layer of padding around the area and secure it with a bandage that extends from the base of the toes to the knees
  4. 4) Check the circulation beyond the bandage every ten minutes
  5. 5) If the casualty can’t walk, arrange to send them to hospital.

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Inexperienced ball handling can lead to bruising, caused by bleeding under the skin. To treat it, you need to:

  1. 1) Raise and support the injured part
  2. 2) Hold a cold compress over the bruise for at least ten minutes.

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Were you passed too many drinks during the game last night? You may be faced with a sore head this morning. Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. 1) Lie down in a quiet place
  2. 2) Hold something cold to your head
  3. 3) Take the recommended dose of paracetamol tablets.

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