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13 reasons to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon for St John Ambulance

Always wanted to run a half marathon but have some reservations? Here are 13 reasons you should run the Royal Parks Half Marathon for St John Ambulance!

Royal Parks Half Marathon1. It’s doable

The prospect of the 26.2 miles of a full marathon can be daunting. But you don’t need to be a super-fit athlete to tackle a half marathon, new runners can do them too! You just need a pair of trainers and some practice.

2. Take on a challenge

It can be good to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself every now and then.

3. The route

The Royal Parks Half Marathon is London’s most scenic running event. While running, you can enjoy the sights of four of London’s eight royal parks, the Houses of Parliament and the Royal Albert Hall.

4. It’s a quality event

The half marathon organisers pride themselves on keeping the run as eco-friendly as possible and the event has won many awards.

5. Raise money for a great cause

Just £7 could run one of our ambulances for a day. Donors, sponsors, pavement pounders – every penny you fundraise helps save lives.

6. Get fit

Training for a half marathon will undoubtedly increase your fitness!

7. The atmosphere

The atmosphere at the event will be incredible as you join over 16,000 others to run along a beautiful route lined with supporters.

Royal Parks Half Marathon8. The support

You won’t be alone! Run for us and we’ll be with you every step of the way – literally. Our dedicated volunteers will be lining the route, ready if you need them to pick you up, dust you down and get you over the finish line.

We’ll give you advice on training, a running vest and fundraising support to help you hit your fundraising targets.

9. First aid matters

You never know when you might need first aid. It only takes £10 to allow one young person to attend a first aid course that could save someone’s life.

10. To feel good about yourself

Getting fit, raising money for charity and accomplishing a challenge will leave you feeling amazing.

11. For motivation

We will give you a reason to run! Your support helps us put our first aid trainers in schools, equip our volunteers and run our ambulances. Our training saves lives. What better motivation to push you to the finish line?

12. To get ready for a marathon

If you’re not quite ready for a full marathon, this half marathon could be great practice.

13. Because why not? It will be fun!

Feeling inspired?

Get your place in the Royal Parks Half Marathon with St John Ambulance.