Everyday Heroes Award

Meet our heroes: Hero parent of the year finalists

With our Everyday Heroes Awards fast approaching, we want to share the incredible stories of our finalists.

Victoria DawsonVictoria Dawson

Breastfeeding Mum saves son choking on milk

In November 2015, a few weeks after bringing premature baby Eddie back from hospital, Mum Victoria was breastfeeding when the infant started choking and became limp. It quickly became apparent to the young Mum that her son had actually stopped breathing. Victoria tried rescue breaths while her partner was on the phone to the emergency services. The medic advised to put the baby on the floor and start CPR. Eventually Eddie took a big gasp of air and slowly started to come back.

Carley Dawson

First aid workshop proves priceless for life-saving Mum

A few hours spent at a first aid workshop proved priceless for Mum-of-one Carley Dawson, when she needed to put what she’d learned into action the very next day to save her daughter’s life. Carley was giving Charlotte her lunch and when she heard her making some strange noises, struggling to breathe. The first aid for choking was so fresh in her mind that she immediately leaned Charlotte forward in her highchair and started giving her firm slaps in between the shoulder blades. After a couple of attempts, a little piece of sausage came flying out, allowing her to breathe again.

Matt Reavill

First aid training video helps Dad save son’s life

A choking child is every parent's nightmare, but thankfully a video on social media reminded Matt Reavill of exactly what to do when his own son needed help. He was upstairs on the phone at home when he heard his partner Kate shout in a panicked tone. He ran downstairs into the playroom where his 6-year-old son was choking on something, struggling to breathe.

Although first aid trained, Matt admits that his knowledge was rusty. “It was just by chance that I'd watched a video on Facebook which showed how to treat a choking child just a couple of weeks before, after I read about the child who died after choking on a grape”. Matt sprang into action, with his back blows saving his son.

Rochelle Goddard

Baby with viral infection and fever

When Rochelle's 10-month-old son Jay began shivering after his bath, she first thought he was simply cold. But on closer inspection the young baby was hot to touch and obviously unwell. Knowing it was vital to reduce his temperature, she stripped him down and gave him small sips of water as she took him to A&E. Unsure if the young tot had tonsillitis, or even meningitis, doctors kept a close eye on him until the temperature began to drop and thankfully Jay returned to his happy self within hours and the episode was put down to a viral infection.