Everyday Heroes Award

Meet our heroes: Top of the Class Award finalists

With our Everyday Heroes Awards fast approaching, we want to share the incredible stories of our finalists.

The Top of the Class Award is for a teacher or education establishment ensuring an exemplary high level of first aid knowledge and practice among pupils.

St Columb Major Academy

St Columb Major Academy is committed to delivering first aid and completely understands the value of teaching children how to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. In March 2015, just a couple of weeks after SJA trainers last visited the school, a Year 6 pupil – Bethany Simpson – saved her stepdad’s life, using the first aid skills she learned at school. She gave him CPR when he fell unconscious, stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. Without her brave efforts, Robert Hoskins would have died.

Ormiston Maritime Academy

Ormiston Maritime Academy has trained more than 1,000 of its students in first aid over the last five years - setting up a session for Year 8 each year, so that the whole school has now been trained. The first aid training, delivered by St John Ambulance, formed part of a wider programme at the school designed to keep young people safe. The school has a designated first aider who, in 2014, along with another member of staff, saved the life of a 34-year-old parent suffering a cardiac arrest in the car-park by giving him vital CPR. Ormiston Maritime Academy is also currently fundraising for its own defibrillator.

Bolsover School

Last year a student at Bolsover School died whilst outside of school due to a nut allergy. The school believes that every young person should have the chance to develop their first aid skills so they are skilled enough to deal with situations like this. They now work with St John Ambulance to train every student in first aid. This year a whole week in February was dedicated to assemblies about the importance of first aid. Every student accessed basic CPR training and learnt how to communicate a critical incident effectively whilst dealing with the situation.

Saint Paul’s Catholic High School

A team of eight first aid trained members of staff at Saint Paul’s Catholic High School are in the process of training all students to be able to save a life. The training covers CPR, choking and severe bleeds. The school has three defibrillators on site and a First Aid First Response Procedure where staff can dial an emergency phone line number ‘500’ should they require a first aider anywhere in the school building. The emergency phone is manned at all times during the school day. First aiders respond when a call is put out telling them the location of the incident or emergency, they are then able to attend the scene and treat the casualty quickly and efficiently.

Lucton School

Learning life-saving skills is popular at Lucton School with many of its student first aiders opting for professional careers in medicine, either in the forces or civilian life. The support given to students goes far beyond any legal requirement, as does the level of first aid training provided to the school staff. As a compulsory part of school life, all 12 to 13 year olds get basic emergency first aid training and by the time pupils are in year 10 they take part in realistic first aid scenarios and participate in the St John Ambulance Youth First Aid course. A total of 59 hold the St John Ambulance Teach the Difference Youth First Aid qualification.