Everyday Heroes Award

Meet our heroes: St John Ambulance Workplace Hero finalists

With our Everyday Heroes Awards fast approaching, we want to share the incredible stories of our finalists.

The Workplace Hero Award is for an individual or individuals who have saved a life with first aid or has made an extraordinary first aid achievement in his/her workplace.

Tony Fisher

Engineer steps up to explosive challenge

Tony FisherTony, a maintenance engineer, was working on a site in Foulness Island, waiting for a porta cabin accommodation to arrive when a large explosion threw two fellow contractors from a nearby building. The men were both on fire and landed in front of his van screaming. Tony immediately ran to see what he could do, grabbing a bucket of water to douse one of the men whilst covering the other with his jacket to smother the flames. Given the remote nature of the site there was not much help. Only two other workers had witnessed the incident and one of them had gone into shock. Luckily for Tony the other was able to call 999.

Whilst waiting for the emergency services Tony found a water tap where he continued to soak both the burnt casualties with water until the paramedics arrived. He then helped to move the badly burnt casualties into the ambulance.

Robert Aldcroft

Caretaker rescues pupil in school collision

As a caretaker at his local school, one of Robert’s jobs is to direct traffic outside the gates to ensure parents and children are safe from moving vehicles. On one particular Wednesday afternoon, the main road outside the school was extremely busy and just as the kids were streaming out of the grounds, Robert heard a large bang and a screaming woman shouting that a child had been knocked over. He ran to the main road and saw a 4x4 with a young boy lying under the front end of the vehicle. The driver was clearly in shock, so he immediately asked him to turn off the engine and take the handbrake off so he could push the vehicle back. The boy was unresponsive but moaning and then he started to choke, so he asked one of the witnesses to help him get him on his side while he supported his head. The boy (a pupil at the school) was later put into an induced coma because of the extent of his head injuries but has subsequently made a full recovery.

Matthew Tranter

Shop assistant prevents in-store tragedy

24-year-old Matt was at work in Boots when a call went out for help in the baby change area. The young shop assistant rushed to find a 15-month old girl having a seizure. The girl’s mother and her older daughter were very distressed, but Matt wasted no time in taking control of the situation. He remained calm and asked the mother to call for an ambulance, asking her to keep the phone on speaker so he could hear the call handler’s responses. Matt noticed straight away that the girl was struggling to breathe and turning blue so he tilted her head back to open the airways, and held her in position to keep the airway open. After a minute or two, the girl was breathing normally again and Matt was able to give a full handover to the ambulance crew when they arrived.

Russell Piper

Russell is seventh floor saviour

Two years ago Russell Piper’s regular day at work was turned upside down when he saved the life of a colleague who suffered a cardiac arrest. Working on the 7th floor of a building, Russell was the only person present when his fellow worker Stephen collapsed. He immediately dialed 999 and put his mobile on speaker so he could answer questions from the operator while administering CPR in between shouting for help.

As a result of the incident, Stephen suffered brain damage and was unable to walk or talk for a long time afterwards. Following his slow and painful recovery, Stephen has now come forward as he is incredibly grateful for Russell’s quick thinking and hands-on help. Not only did Russell save Stephen’s life, but he also visited him in hospital, provided support for his partner in the difficult weeks after the incident and arranged transport home for him.

Jay & Jon

Air ambulance doctor praises life-saving duo

It was early morning in the gym when two employees were faced with a life or death situation in the middle of the training room. A man, who had been working out, collapsed on the floor in the middle of the equipment. The fast actions of the young duo have subsequently been praised by the air ambulance crew who credit the men with helping to save his life. They began CPR and defibrillated the patient in a calm and professional manner and in doing so, saved his life. Their level-headedness on the paramedic’s arrival meant he was briefed on the situation and could make an accurate diagnosis on the spot.

Show your support for St John Ambulance and our amazing finalists by joining us at the Everyday Heroes Awards on 7 September 2016, hosted by TV presenter Myleene Klass.