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Spring clean your first aid kit!

Products in your first aid kit can expire, be used up, or go missing (looking at you, safety pins). Give your first aid kit a refresh this Spring and make sure it’s ready when it’s needed most.

Things that might have gone missing

Safety pins

These might have disappeared when grabbed to deal with a wardrobe malfunction – but you’ll need them in your kit for securing bandages. Make sure you’ve got a set ready.

Adhesive tape

We’re guessing this was swiped for a crafting session – but you’ll need it in your kit for holding dressings in place or securing the loose ends of bandages. Restock your tape.

Things that might have been used


These are disposable – so you’ve probably used yours. Disposable gloves are important to reduce the risk of infection – if you have them, always wear them for dressing a wound, or when dealing with any bodily fluid or waste. Get stocked up.

Alcohol-free cleansing wipes

Use these to clean the skin around the wound. They tend to be used up quickly when dealing with cuts and grazes. Refill here.


Plasters get used regularly for small cuts and grazes. Make sure you’ve got a set.