Pancake Day

Kitchen (first) aid at your fingertips: top two tips for Shrove Tuesday

It's Pancake Day and we want to give you a couple of bits of advice on how to stay safe in the kitchen whilst you’re whipping up a batch or two.

How to treat a burn or scald

  • 1. Move the person away from the heat
  • 2. Place the burn or scald under cool running water for 10 minutes minimum
  • 3. If the burn is to a child, larger than your hand, on the face, hands or feet, or is a deep burn, call 999.
  • 4. Remove jewellery and clothing around the area, unless stuck to the burn.
  • 5. Cover the burn loosely, lengthways with kitchen film to prevent infection
  • 6. Don’t burst blisters.
  • 7. Monitor and treat for shock if necessary.
  • 8. Tell them to seek medical advice.

Stick this on your fridge: How to treat a burn or scald poster

Cuts and grazes

  • 1. Clean it under running cold water or with alcohol-free wipes.
  • 2. Pat it dry, cover with a sterile gauze or a clean, non-fluffy cloth.
  • 3. Raise and support the injury. Apply pressure to stop bleeding.
  • 4. Remove the cloth or gauze and apply a sterile dressing or large plaster.
  • 5. If there’s high risk of an infection or something in it, tell them to see a healthcare professional.

You can find more first aid advice on our website.

Download our first aid advice posters and stick them on your fridge or around your classroom, just in case an emergency were to happen.