Life Savers: St John Ambulance newsletter

Spring/Summer 2017

Our Spring/Summer newsletter is filled with news about what’s been happening at St John Ambulance over the last several months.

Here are the highlights:


Celebrating 140 years of St John Ambulance140 years anniversary

In July we will be celebrating 140 years of our life saving work, but our enduring story goes all the way back to 11th century Jerusalem, where the first Knights of St John set up a hospital to care for sick pilgrims. The eight-pointed cross on our volunteers’ uniform is the symbol worn by those knights who provided free medical care in that first hospital in Jerusalem.


'First aid angels'Pete Baker

Former teacher Pete Baker, 58, was reunited with the ‘angels’ who saved his life when he suffered a cardiac arrest during a hedge-laying event. Pete always considered himself to be fighting fit – no major health problems and only four days off sick in his whole teaching career – but he collapsed suddenly last November. St John Ambulance volunteers Jon Warren and Alan Brazier were swiftly on scene, equipped with a defibrillator that delivered a life saving shock to Pete’s heart.


Run for us - we'll support you every step of the wayHalf Marathon runners

Run for the nation’s leading first aid charity. We’ll be there to pick you up, dust you down and get you over the finish line - using your sponsorship to help us teach and deliver first aid where it’s needed most. Together we can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.


Kinetik Wellbeing joins forces with St John AmbulanceKinetik health logo

Kinetik Wellbeing shares St John Ambulance’s passion for empowering people to look after their health, from knowing how to tackle a first aid emergency to keeping an eye on blood pressure. Kinetik Wellbeing’s healthcare products are designed to monitor, manage, and support people’s health. Products include blood pressure monitors, health kits, digital thermometers, pain and allergy relief.

For every purchase of a Kinetik Wellbeing device, a contribution will be made to St John Ambulance. Use offer code 'SJANEWS15' at checkout for an exclusive 15% discount on any purchase from and beauty brand


St John Ambulance Badgers set an exampleSusan Stockwell

Callum and Ellie-Mai Drewett, aged 9 and 6 years old, were being looked after by their nan Susan but they ended up taking care of her. After Susan had a fall, St John Ambulance Badgers Callum and Ellie-Mai stayed calm and used their first aid skills to look after their nan until help arrived.

Mum Kas said: ‘St John Ambulance has been brilliant for both my kids; when my mum needed first aid, they knew exactly what to do and didn’t panic at all. They’re amazing!'

Anyone aged 7-10 years old can join one of our many Badger Setts. These after school clubs operate throughout England. At Badgers, it’s all about fun, adventure and learning first aid skills.


'I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was.' - Abi Davis, Student VolunteerAbi Davis

University first aid societies offer young people the chance to be part of a unique team of life savers, run by students for students. We train students in life saving skills that you wouldn’t usually get the chance to learn. From dealing with fractures and burns to learning how to look after someone who’s unresponsive, we give students the confidence to do the right thing when it really counts.

Student volunteer Abi feels St John Ambulance has pushed the borders of her comfort zone and shown her she can do so much more than she thought she could. ‘I hope to take not only the skills that I’ve learnt but also the confidence to use them with me, beyond my degree and into the workplace.’


Bee Summer smartInsect

Insect stings from a bee, wasp or hornet can be painful but are usually not dangerous. First there is a sharp pain, followed by mild swelling, redness and soreness. Sometimes they can cause the body to have a severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock), so it’s important to look out for this and get medical help quickly if necessary.


Your support helps to ensure that, wherever a first aid emergency occurs, someone is on hand to help.