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Volunteer of the Year Awards

Meet our heroes: St John Ambulance Volunteer of the Year Award finalists

With our Everyday Heroes Awards fast approaching, we want to share the incredible stories of our finalists.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is a St John Ambulance volunteer who has excelled at learning, teaching, practising or supporting first aid to an exemplary level. This award recognises an extraordinary individual of any age who goes the extra mile to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Daryl Perkins - North East

Daryl Perkins is Youth Regional Adventure Lead for the North East Region. Many weekends and evenings Daryl can be found at one of the St John Ambulance buildings across the region organising and managing events. She is also very involved in first aid competitions, including writing the scenarios, recruiting judges, arranging venues and transport, and drumming up support for the whole event.

Daryl regularly advises District and Regional employees and volunteers due to her extensive knowledge of the organisation, gained through 42 years of membership, and is an active member of the Honours and Awards committee for Humberside.

Daryl also works full time as a nurse, in addition to giving as much time to St John Ambulance each week as she can. She has also logged 277 hours as an event nurse in just four months. She is a shining example to everyone that she comes into contact with and is enthusiastic and encouraging to other volunteers around her.

Luke Tester - South West

Since joining St John Ambulance, Luke has taken on a number of clinical roles as a Cycle Responder, Community First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician and covers events far and wide (five regions and counting). He has been Unit Training Lead and then Unit Manager & First Aid Society President of Exeter University Unit and was instrumental in overhauling the unit training programme, setting a new standard for all student volunteering units in the region. As well as being a medical student he has lead the unit for the past year through great organisation and structural changes and has personally supported the whole unit to achieve excellence in fundraising, events first aid and training.

Over the last two years, Luke has achieved so much personally and through his leadership of Exeter University Unit. He has pushed the boundaries of what student volunteers can achieve while studying. As a leader Luke's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He has lead Exeter University Unit to a successful year. Starting with Save a Life September and finishing with the Donate for Defibs campaign, the unit has volunteered more, fundraised more and trained more students and staff in first aid than ever before.

What makes Luke very special is his ability not only to shine through his own personal achievements but to credit the achievements of the volunteers around him and inspire them to go further and achieve more.

Freddie Horton and Annelise Jay - South East

In February, Freddie Horton and Anneliese Jay unveiled a new public access defibrillator at their school, after successfully fundraising for the lifesaving equipment. The teenage St John Ambulance Cadets go to school in a small village and identified the need for a public access defibrillator, so they devised a plan to buy one for their school.

They wrote a proposal for their head teacher and obtained support from the local council, St John Ambulance and the South East Coast Ambulance Service, before organising a community fundraising day. They raised enough money to purchase a defibrillator and wall casing, and CPR manikins and training equipment sufficient to teach a class of 30 at a time.

As a result of their hard work, the school was able to run first aid training sessions where all teaching staff and an entire year group were taught first aid and how to use the defibrillator. They are now expanding their project to help other local schools and organisations purchase public access defibrillators, and to teach others about the importance of these lifesaving skills.

Show your support for St John Ambulance and our amazing finalists by joining us at the Everyday Heroes Awards on 7 September 2016, hosted by TV presenter Myleene Klass.


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