Brian Lewis, St John Fellowship from Gloucestershire

Brian Lewis, 1950sSouth West ‘In 1951, when I was a Cadet aged 15, I went swimming every week and this particular day I noticed someone being pulled from the water.

The lad was laid face down on the floor and I asked the attendant if I could resuscitate him as I was a St John Ambulance Cadet. To my surprise he said to carry on. After a minute, some water had run from his mouth, and he coughed and started to recover. I made sure he was okay and continued to assist him.

As a result of this, I won the Best County Cadet Cup. Three years later, my friends and I decided to go for a swim when a lad approached and told me he was the boy I had saved. I met his mum who thanked me for what I had done. I said any first aider would have done the same.’

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