Mary Bridson from Isle of Man

Mary Bridson, 1960s‘Having been in St John Ambulance for over 50 years one particular event stands out as a memorable one.

On 13 August 1964 we were on first aid duty at a Rolling Stones concert at the Palace Ballroom in Douglas. Many fans fainted and were actually being passed over people’s heads to reach us.

As there were so many of them all we could do was lay them in rows on the floor and keep an eye on them.

What was most surprising and ‘amusing’ was that although they were lying quietly, when a certain part of a song was heard, or the Stones started up a new number, they all sat up – screamed – and then passed out again.

I had not experienced what was of course mass hysteria before and I remember thinking there would not be an end to this circle of events until the end of the concert.’

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