Terry Baldwin from Merseyside

Terry Baldwin, 1960sNorth West‘Over the last 50 years I have been to hundreds of events and treated many casualties I was at the launch of The Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night in Liverpool where we saw what was probably the first ever example of ‘girl hysteria’.

We set up a first aid post and when The Beatles appeared on the balcony they just trampled over it! We were treating young girls for hysteria for more than an hour.

I also remember one evening two little girls came round carrying a goldfish bowl with the fish floating - both were in tears. 'Can you do anything for our goldfish?’ I scooped it out of the water, opened its gills and blew into its mouth. I put it back into the water and it  swam off! It lived for a couple of months after that! The girls were made up and bought me a box of chocolates.’

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