Barbara Marshall from Derbyshire

Barbara Marshall, 1970sEast Midlands‘I have been a member for around 50 years. In 1972, my husband Peter Marshall and I went to London for the Jubilee celebrations of 50 years of Cadets.

There was a parade in Hyde Park and Princess Anne came to inspect the Cadets. I specifically remember it because we hired a train from Chesterfield to London and took over 100 people from Derbyshire. Peter was Divisional Superintendent of Cadets at the time and had made all the arrangements.

I remember the headline of a national paper stating that it ‘looked like a battlefield’ because it was so hot that Cadets had fainted in the heat.

I later met Princess Anne when she came to open the new-look Derbyshire County Headquarters and Training Centre on 3 March 2009. I was introduced to HRH as the Fellowship representative.’

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