Hilary Fergusson and Lee Moore

Hilary and LeeHilary Fergusson and Lee Moore, 15, Fourth River Cadet Division, Northern Ireland, awarded Life Saving Medal in Bronze on 19 July 1972.

On 4 March, Cadet Corporal Hilary Ferguson and Cadet Lee Moore of the Forth River Nursing Cadet Division, Northern Ireland, were just entering a milk bar adjoining the Abercorn Restaurant when the explosion now known as the Abercorn Restaurant disaster, occurred.

They immediately went to the scene and having identified themselves as first aiders, were thrown a first aid kit and allowed to help the injured. At considerable risk to their own safety from falling masonry and the possibility of another bomb they continued to give good, correct first aid to the casualties and to assist in the removal of the injured until all had been taken away.

Both girls felt ill at the terrible sights around them but carried on with their job in the very best traditions and without thought of their own safety. In all they appear to have applied correct first aid to at least five seriously injured persons under appalling conditions of horror and strain.

Source: Museum of the Order of St John

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