Ian Pilkington from Lancashire

Ian Pilkington, 1970sNorth West‘As a young man I served as a Special Constable and had an interest in first aid. One strong memory is of a duty in the 1970s at Park Hall near Chorley.

A medieval pageant was being enacted complete with jousting displays and mock fights. One of the ‘acts’ was to be a blazing monk. The idea was to cover the monk in petrol and lighter fuel and set him alight!

These days it would be absolutely unthinkable to do such a thing. The petrol and lighter fuel had seeped beneath the fire proof suit he was wearing under his costume. My colleague and I rushed forward and rolled him over to extinguish the flames. He was badly burned and we did our best to treat him at the scene before the ambulance arrived. We later learned that he spent around eight weeks in hospital making a slow recovery.’

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