Jim Darwin from Merseyside

Jim Darwin, 1970sNorth West‘My first introduction to St John Ambulance was as a young engineering apprentice starting out at a local coal mine. As a first aider I was getting plenty of practice at the pit treating all kinds of injuries, often involving a long extrication process to get the patient to the medical centre on the surface.

When I was 21, I undertook further intensive training at work and became a team member of the Mines Rescue Service which involved dealing with fire, explosion and entrapment.

I continued as a team member for 20 years attending local mines to deal with a variety of incidents that occurred. I’ve been present at a great number of public duties including first division rugby league, horse racing at two nearby courses, powerboat racing, BMX cycling circuit and show jumping. I have also covered a local safari park and Michael Jackson’s concert at the racecourse.’

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