Philip Bennett, Superintendent from Isle of Man

Phil Bennett, 1970s‘One of the major events on the Isle of Man is the TT races. My earliest involvement as a Cadet was having to be in the paddock area at 6.00am for the early morning practices.

As I got older I was allowed to go out on to the course. As the TT course is a road circuit you would be standing on the pavement watching the bikes going past at speeds of 130mph.

When I turned 17 and was old enough to drive, I was let loose on driving one of the ambulances on the circuit.

Sadly, I have had to deal with a number of serious injuries and fatalities. However, the enjoyment of the event meant that its excitement still keeps me motivated to assist where I can. I also now help out with the training of the 2,000 plus marshals required to cover this 37.75 mile course.’

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