Sheila Darwin from Merseyside

Sheila Darwin, 1970sNorth WestMy first involvement with St John Ambulance was at the age of 18 when I met my future husband, Jimmy. He was already a volunteer and we met after completing our Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

Jimmy informed me that the local unit was having a trip to Wales to go rock climbing and asked if I wanted to go along. However, I was not a volunteer of St John Ambulance. I was told I could enrol for the weekend but almost 40 years later I am still involved now as a Fellowship volunteer.

My time with St John has placed me in the presence of the Queen in Hyde Park, the Duke of Edinburgh on four occasions and Princess Anne when our children were representing Merseyside Cadets at the Priory Church, Clerkenwell. I have had the pleasure also of attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace.’

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