Vincent Smith from Buckinghamshire

Vincent Smith, 1970sSouth East‘Our tented camps are a proving-ground for many young people and have encapsulated the best aspects of leadership training that we offer. Camp has changed to reflect a moving culture and changes in society and SJA but stayed true to its roots and is as recognisable today in many of its aspects as it was when I first went.

In the 1970s, we had as many as 320 people all living, working and playing together under canvas and have long associations with the Isle of Wight where we were then camping. The level of support in our county has been fantastic and to this day our Lord Lieutenant regularly visits us.

Dr Herbert Ellis, the Chief Commander, suggested after his own visit that he approach the Princess Royal about visiting us to see Cadets and adult volunteers working together in a very different environment from that which she was used to.

‘Two senior Cadets were selected to act as guides for the tour, which included 80 minutes of talks, displays and presentations. This was a very special seal of approval which will live with us for a long time.’

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