Robin Mitchell from Devon

Robin MitchellSouth West ‘I am now Divisional Superintendent in Braunton, North Devon.

Back in 1980 when I was 20, I applied to go on secondment to the royal naval hospital in Gibraltar as part of the 'Year of Nursing’. I kept a diary which, over 20 years later I have just found! Below is an extract:

Wednesday – started in men’s wards at 8am finishing at 4pm. The various cases which were there when I was present (for three days) were as follows:

Appendix, infection of the appendix, very bad bruising, low back pains, pneumonia and more.

Monday - At the out-patients department, the two doctors arrived at 9am, and were going through the patients as in any other surgery. The nurses’ job varies a lot from general cleanliness and preparation to labelling and dispatching specimen. A lot of bookwork is done in the department – one sister, one secretary, one office manager and one department nurse.

Tuesday - OPD again. Today is antenatal day, so obviously I took a back seat as the soldiers, army, airmen, families associations sister, midwife and Commander Dr Evans took charge. I was told they check the ladies’ urine, blood pressure, weight etc. It would be a bit embarrassing if I went with them. Thank god for that!”’

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