Clive James from London

Clive James, 2000sLondonMy last duty as a Cadet was at Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding where I mainly dealt with casualties who fainted from standing up for too long. They were taken to the nearest first aid post on a stretcher or were placed in a wheelchair until they recovered, which usually didn’t take too long.

I was also involved in the response to the London bombings on 7/7. I was working at St John Ambulance National Headquarters when I received a text, as phone lines were down, asking to locate vehicles and to report to London District.

As I pulled up I was greeted with a row of about 25-30 SJA vehicles parked up ready to assist as required on the day. From London District I was tasked with collecting a doctor and taking her to the ambulance service HQ in Waterloo and arranged to get mobile treatment units at key sites including Kings Cross. This incident proved to me how valuable the support St John Ambulance gives the emergency services in times of need.’

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